A professional laboratory, experienced technologists and strict quality control procedures guarantee products of the highest quality.

We also confirm the quality of our products with independent testing institutes such as DLG.

More than 30 years’ experience in the rubber industry enables us to offer products of the highest quality that meet global standards.

DLG e.V. test report 5992F.

Test Centre for Agricultural Products and Technologies, affiliated to the European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery (ENTAM) - deformation, abrasion, slipperiness, load test

DLG e.V. test report.

Cubicle mat GH 1.4

DLG e.V. test report.

Cubicle mat GH 1.5

DLG e.V. test report.

Cubicle mat Superior 33

DLG e.V. test report.

Slatted Floors GH-S

GH Agriculture Mats imitate the natural ground and increase the resting comfort of the animals.

Thanks to the use of top-quality materials, they act as an excellent insulating underlay and reduce breeding costs.


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